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The streaming device industry is but an offshoot of cable television, except that it draws data and content from the internet. The paradigm shift in the preferences of the customer is indeed eating away at the cable and satellite television’s share of profits. Today, there are a range of streaming devices available in the market, but the has been around even before any of the other brands saw the light of day

About the Roku

The Roku streaming player accurately curates and gathers video and entertainment content from the internet. The device is designed to be a users’ friend rather than a mere gadget. Having gradually evolved over a period of several years, today, Roku’s digital media player has varied forms such as streaming sticks and set-top boxes with special attributes embedded into each one of them. All of these apparatuses come with one shared objective, to provide viewers with high-quality entertainment from the comfort of the couch.

Install, configure and setup

Roku account setup

  • At any point, the device walks the user through the setup process after presently connecting to the TV
  • In effect, the Roku starts up only after powering it on – this, through the TV’s port where the appliance itself shares power with the gadget or the enclosed adapter attaches to an electrical outlet
  • The router should be on and working as well with high-speed internet to update software and download preferential apps
  • For the set-top box, invariably, an HDMI cable suffices while the stick, the size of the USB inserts directly

How does the Gadget work?

With an internet connection and the HDMI port for visualizing content, the Roku requires minimal maintenance and seldom involves an elaborate setup process. Recognize the HDMI ports on the TV set appliance to connect a cable or the streaming stick into it. Traverse to the suitable port through a set of menus and select the input

Wi-Fi and Remote

Additionally, the box uses an Ethernet to recognize Wi-Fi – a better way to stream. The Streaming Stick is equally powerful as well but works predominantly without the LAN cable. It looks for a Wi-Fi signal directly without any connections except for the HDMI. Check the set of accessories that came along with the package to look for a remote control and batteries. Combine them to get a fully functional remote that can help navigate through the menus. A startup screen appears after powering on all the associated devices from where the wizard advises users to confirm choices such as language and region

Note: An AUDIO GUIDE mode comes on when STAR or * button is pressed four times. Profile Creation

  • Creating a profile on the Roku device is extremely important
  • Account creation prompts appear after connecting to the internet and receipt of the activation code
  • Confirm the country and country code
  • Then select HOME USE if the device is not being setup for STORE USE
  • Internet connection establishment after validation of the WIRED and WIRELESS
  • For a wired setup, an Ethernet cable connects to the Roku, and for a wireless setup, the player solely uses the Wi-Fi
  • Once the device recognizes the internet, enter the password and allow the device to update the software
  • Thereafter, a Roku Activation Code appears for entry at
  • At this time that the player syncs with an account created at

Technical requirements

  • While the Roku is the easiest way to make the most out of entertainment, there are some technical requirements that must be met to stream content from the network
  • Along with a high-speed internet connection, you also require an intelligent TV that equips an HDMI port
  • For fans of live sports events and HD movies, the internet should run at a speed of 3 or 5 Mbps. Though the minimum requirement is around 1.5 Mbps to stream basic video content
  • For practical purposes, users should test the speed of the internet through reliable browser measurements such as to ascertain swiftness before embarking upon device setup
  • An extra HDMI cable may have to be purchased by users who possess an HDTV otherwise most Roku devices come with standard AV cables

Channels lineup

Roku houses a highly impressive lineup of classic, new and even obscure movies and shows, and furthermore, proffers superior and instant streaming services such as Netflix. Amazon video on demand along with Hulu Plus are available providing users with an unlimited library of movies. With the integration of services like sports fans can watch out for on-demand and live games and other features. Viewers can also watch local games after they have been aired and ended. Watch live and archived and newer fights on the UFC channel. Roku’s Newscaster combines many different channels under one unified offering. The channels include NPR, Fox, BBC, CNN and much more. Create a Roku account to stream paid and free media content from the streaming device

Product line

All Roku models come with hotel and dorm features that require users to perform a account login process prior to accessing the network. The feature is particularly convenient for frequent travelers. The remote for the Roku has been designed with the utmost simplicity without any complex buttons. Use the Kodi media player along with the Roku as the device serves a broad range of entertainment needs. There are many different Roku models, from expensive set-top boxes to the cheapest dongles. Some of the models are also equipped with 4K Ultra HD. Users are advised to always buy ahead of technology so that advances are easily available on the newest devices

Express Line of Devices

As entry-level devices, the Express and Express Plus are fairly affordable and add both internet and streaming video capability to the TV. They are pretty small, easy to use and are preloaded with premium apps such as YouTube, Netflix and a few more. While both the devices operate equally, the main difference lies in the method used in appending them to the television.

Roku Express

  • An incredibly small device, connect it directly into the TV with the help of the HDMI cable
  • Thereafter, the device connects to the internet through a Wi-Fi
  • Overall, an excellent value for money

Roku Express +

  • Similar to the Express in operation
  • Hook it up to the television using composite cabling thus expounding suitability to traditional TV appliances as well
  • The Express Plus supports HDMI connectivity too

Premiere Line of Devices

Unveiling newer versions sometime in 2018, the Premiere and Premiere Plus support 4K Ultra High Definition thus providing 4K display images with improved contrast and vibrant colors.They are unobtrusive devices compared to their bigger counterparts and equipped with a quad-core processor, the devices rely on 802.11n Wi-Fi protocols. High-resolution content can be streamed from services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix and YouTube that offer HD and 4K.

Roku Premiere

  • Components of both the Premiere and Premiere Plus are rather similar though with some differences
  • The Roku Premiere is cheaper than the plus and comes with an infrared remote
  • Some basic functionalities are incorporated into the remote control that issues basic commands to the TV appliance as well
  • Yet, users can take complete advantage of the devices 4K and HDR capabilities

Roku Premiere Plus

  • Slightly dearer than the Premiere, the Premiere Plus comes with a remote control that is far more superior
  • The box communicates via RF or Radio Frequency signals issued by the remote
  • Users can execute commands easily even when the remote and the device are out of sight of each other
  • Additionally, Voice Search in-built into the remote enables finding via actors, genres and titles faster than using the virtual interface keypad
  • The Roku Premiere Plus is exclusive to Wal-Mart

Streaming Stick Line of devices

Similar in appearances to the Express and Express Plus, the Roku Streaming Stick and Streaming Stick Plus come with some high-level features. Encompassing more streamlined form factors, the sticks can connect through an integrated HDMI to watch content straight out of the TV.

  • Comes with upgraded hardware and integrated HDMI
  • Marketed predominantly as highly portable
  • The need for additional cables and accessories while eliminated makes movability an important feature
  • An upgraded remote addresses search functionality through voice and controls the TV appliances volume and control
  • For those who possess AC routers, the device offers connectivity through 802.11ac wireless
  • Pretty much similar to the Streaming Stick in functionality, and operation, the Streaming Stick Plus comes with an additional attribute
  • It renders display in 4K Ultra High Definition and HDR enhancing the quality of the image to the highest possible levels

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