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Activate Kanopy.com/link Roku | Watch Kanopy on Roku

Watch Kanopy on Roku

Kanopy is an innovation boom for classic filmmakers. This is more of education or one could even say enlightenment rather than a streaming service that offers a bunch of videos, even though Kanopy does that well. Kanopy brings the complex films and the wider audience it deserves to a single point so that the movie and the audience can interact with each other. Also, there is a twist that is both beneficial for the filmmakers and the audience- the cost. The cost is high, period. But the audience is not going to pay for it, at least not directly. Your library either the public/university is going to pay for the services. All you need is a library membership card or your student credentials to indulge in the fine world of cinema. Use kanopy.com/link to activate your Kanopy account.

Kanopy is available on Roku one of the most famous streaming devices across the country. The channel is free to download, however, you need the library membership card to access the content on the website.

Kanopy Channel

There are many misconceptions around the Kanopy and it is better if we clear them out first.

  • It is sort of free, you have play credits per month and you can use this to stream the content without any advertisements.
  • You cannot use Kanopy unless you have a library card or student membership card.
  • Your library should be a participating member of the Kanopy for you to stream the content.
  • You can check if your library is a part of this Kanopy and you can even raise this issue with your library if you want.
  • The Kanopy channel is free to download on many platforms like Roku and you can start watching this content on your TV.
  • All you need to do is activate the account using the Roku link code and link it.

How to Activate the Kanopy Account on your Roku using kanopy.com/link?



  • Launch your streaming device, let it be Roku Steaming Stick, Roku TV, Roku Express and wait for the home screen to load.
  • If the device is updating, wait for the updates to complete.
  • Once the home screen loads out, navigate to the search bar or your channel store and search for the “Kanopy” channel on your device.
  • It should most probably be the first result it shows- click on it.
  • Now hit the “add channel” or “download” tab on the screen using your interface device like a remote or mouse.
  • Wait for the channel to download and once the download finishes, launch the channel.
  • Once the channel launches, you will be asked to enter your log-in credentials.
  • Use your existing credentials or you can always create a new one by proceeding with the “sign up” option.
  • There all you have to do is enter your library membership details or your university details.
  • Now enter all your basic information and complete the signing up process.

Activating the Kanopy Roku

  • After you log in to the Kanopy using your credentials, you will see an activation code on your screen.
  • Think of this activation code as an OTP, they are unique, case sensitive and also valid for only a limited time.
  • Make sure to copy the activation code on your notepad without any changes.
  • Fire up your laptop or your smartphone.
  • Open the browser, and visit kanopy.com/link.
  • You can see a space where you can enter the Kanopy activation code.
  • Enter the activation code at the space provided and click on submit.
  • Once the code verifies, your account will be linked to your TV.

You can start watching all the finest artwork ever done in the physical media without any advertisements in between. You can see the play credits you have at the top right corner of the screen. Use your TV settings like the aspect ratio to better adjust the film on your device according to your wish. There are also multiple contents available for the kids that are engaging and thought to provoke at the same time. The TV used for killing time is over and you can start using it for some eye-opening stuff that is a class apart from the rest of the channels.

For further assistance regarding kanopy.com/link Roku, please contact our support team @ +1-805-254-0400 or Roku.com/link.

If you have an undying flame for the physical media, this blog will help you kindle the flame without burning a hole in your pocket.

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