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Roku Link Code | Roku.com/link | Roku Activation Code

Roku is a first-class streaming device available today. You can watch a vast amount of free as well as paid content in a single device. Additionally, you can play your chosen music, play games, and enjoy many more by using your Roku device. For you to relish all these, you have to first activate your Roku device using the Roku link code. Activation is a simple and easy process that you can accomplish without any difficulty

Roku Link Code Activation Guide

Roku link code activation involves 3 easy stages which are

  • Account Creation
  • Hardware Setup
  • Device Activation
Roku Link Code

Roku Link Code

Roku Account Creation

  • Begin your Roku account creation process by opening the web link my.roku.com on your computer browser
  • After that, click on the ‘Sign In’ option on the upper right side of the web link
  • Thereafter, click on the ‘Create Account’ option and start inputting in your details
  • Now agree to the terms and conditions after reviewing them and click on ‘Continue
  • Following this, you must select a unique Roku pin to secure your account
  • Finally, complete the Roku account creation by entering your payment details


  • Ensure that you keep your Roku pin confidential
  • Whenever, you want to add a paid channel, you have to enter the Roku pin
  • This Pin can also be used as a parental control

Roku Hardware Setup

Follow the steps below for Hardware setup in Roku Express, Express Plus, and Roku Ultra

  • First, connect your Roku device to the TV via an HDMI cable or using composite cables
  • After that, connect the power cord to the Roku player and plug to a wall socket
  • Following this, insert new batteries in your Roku remote and turn your TV on
  • You will see the Roku logo appearing on your screen

If you have Roku Streaming stick or stick plus device, follow the steps given below

  • First, choose the HDMI slot on your TV and remember the slot number
  • After that, plug in your Roku streaming stick/stick+ into the HDMI port
  • If you are not able to insert the device, you can order a free extension cable and connect your streaming stick to your TV using it
  • Now turn your TV on and go to that channel which you have connected to the Roku streaming stick
  • Following this plugin the USB cable to your Roku streaming stick and connect it to the wall socket using a power adapter
  • After that, the Roku logo will appear on your screen
  • Finally, insert brand new batteries into your Roku remote

Roku Activation Code

Using the steps given below you will be activating your Roku device using the Roku link code

  • First, choose your preferred language and press the ‘OK’ button on your Roku remote
  • Following this, your Roku device will automatically scan for available networks, and choose your network from the list
  • If you don’t see your wireless network, tap the ‘Scan again’ option
  • Thereafter, select your wireless network and enter your network key or passphrase
  • While keying your network PIN, use the ‘Shift’ button on your remote for shifting from lower case characters to upper case and vice versa
  • Following this, wait for some time while your Roku device downloads and installs the latest Roku software
  • After that, select the display type manually or allow the Roku device to automatically choose the best resolution for you
  • Subsequently, the Roku activation code will appear on your TV screen
  • Now on your computer, navigate to Roku.com/link using a browser
  • Finally enter the acquired Roku link code in the given box and click ‘Activate
  • Your Roku device is now activated and you can enjoy watching unlimited content streaming on it

How to Add The Roku Channels?

You can easily add your favorite channels on your Roku device by following the given steps

  • First, select your channel using the search bar or scrolling through the categories
  • After that select the ‘Add channel’ option to install the channel on your Roku device
  • Following this, if it’s a paid channel, enter your Roku pin and complete the paid subscription process
  • Additionally, some channels may show an activation code and you have to enter them in their respective activation link
  • Finally, your Roku channel will be activated and you can enjoy watching your favorite channel

If you have any further queries regarding how to use Roku link code, feel free to contact our customer service on +1-805-254-0400.

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