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Here's How You Can Activate Spotify on Roku - Spotify Roku App

Spotify is the leading and the best music streaming channel available today. You can listen to the colossal amount of songs and albums that are present in the library. Spotify boasts of having more than 40 million songs in it. Furthermore, a whopping amount of 30000+ tracks are being added each day. Moreover, you can access Spotify using a free account. To answer the question, ‘Does Roku have Spotify?’, Yes, indeed you can activate Spotify on Roku and have access to the unlimited amount of songs.

Let’s take a brief look on the features of Spotify on Roku before going into the activation process

Features of Spotify

Spotify has many cool and intriguing features making it the best music app available

  • You can shuffle the songs on your playlist and listen to new, random, and interesting music
  • There is a like option on all the songs which you can select and add to your separate playlist
  • You can also choose the Radio mix option that plays you never-ending music all-day
  • Additionally, Spotify creates a ‘Daily mix’ playlist exclusively based on the artists you had selected
  • What’s more interesting is that Spotify has an interesting feature to view the lyrics of a selected song
  • Moreover, you can listen to the podcasts by your favorite artists on the Spotify app
  • Furthermore, other than songs and podcasts, you can even watch videos, video series, and documentaries
  • On top of that, you can even book the tickets to your favorite music concerts using the Spotify app
  • Spotify always satisfies the users and has an interesting ‘Autoplay’ option that plays similar music if the album or song ends
  • With Spotify app, you can discover many great and talented artists that you didn’t know before

Spotify Premium Features

  • You can experience ad-free music with Spotify premium account which you can afford around $9.99/month
  • Furthermore, you can save your songs offline and listen to them if you have no network
  • You can share your Spotify account with 4 other users and listen to the songs simultaneously
  • Moreover, you can avail of the Spotify premium around $4.99/month if you are a student
  • You can listen to songs in top-notch quality and have a hassle-free streaming

Spotify Account Creation

You need to create a free or premium account to access Spotify on Roku

  • First, navigate to spotify.com on your computer and click the ‘Sign up’ option on the taskbar
  • Following this, you can sign up using your Facebook and link it to the Spotify app
  • Otherwise, fill in your details and click on ‘Sign up’ and finish the process
  • To get the Spotify premium, click on the ‘Upgrade’ option on your Spotify homepage
  • After that, click on ‘Join Premium’ and complete the process by entering your payment details

Activate Spotify on Roku

Spotify on Roku

Spotify on Roku

Spotify activation on your Roku device is a piece of cake which you can complete by following the steps given below

  • Right after the Roku.com/link activation, navigate to the streaming channels category and select the Spotify channel on your Roku device
  • Otherwise, you can also search for the Spotify app and open it using the Roku search bar
  • Following this, add the Spotify channel using the ‘Add channel’ option
  • If your Roku device prompts you to enter your Roku pin, enter it and confirm your channel addition
  • Subsequently, the Spotify channel will be added to your Roku channel list
  • Finally, log in using your Spotify account or your Facebook account and start streaming music

Otherwise, you can also activate Spotify on Roku using the Roku mobile app

  • Launch the Spotify app on your smartphone and tap on ‘Channel Store
  • Thereafter add the Spotify app by searching for it or browsing through the categories
  • Enter your Roku pin if the app prompts you
  • Finally on your Roku device, Spotify will be available on your Roku channels list
  • If you don’t find the Spotify channel, update your Roku software to the latest version

If you have any further queries about activating Spotify on Roku, don’t hesitate to ring our toll-free number – +1-805-254-0400.

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