You can now enjoy Amazon Music Unlimited as well as the music. Save your songs in the form of playlists, browse across all the recommendations provided by the channel. Go to the ‘Now-Retired’ Amazon Music storage cloud to access all the tracks that the users have stored. music


  • When the song is playing, the lyrics will be displayed on the screen
  • Based on your listening and preferences, the app will also provide the user with relevant song recommendations according to the song, album and playlist
  • Users can access premier listening such as Top Stations, Top Songs, and Top Albums
  • Besides there are newer songs added every time there is a release
  • Check according to ‘Artist’, ‘Album’, ‘Genre’, ‘Playlist’ and ‘Song’ from under the ‘My Music’ option


  • The Amazon Music Unlimited is a standalone service
  • It is available for Roku subscribers immaterial of whether you have an Amazon Prime Membership
  • While the music app is absolutely free, you won’t be able to stream any music unless you get an account with Amazon Music Unlimited, or subscribe to the Amazon Prime Membership


Costs of the services are as follows:

  • If you are a holder of the EBT card or qualify for some of the assistance programs as floated by the government of the United States, then you may even be eligible for a discount of $5.99 per month
  • Available for less than $99 per year, Amazon Music includes membership with Amazon Prime and comes with a free beginning trial of around 30 days
  • Pay just $7.99 per month or under $79 per month if you are a Prime member to get an individual plan with Amazon Music Unlimited; if you are a non-prime subscriber, you have to pay $9.99
  • You can also get a Family Plan on Amazon Music Unlimited
    • Here, six members of a single family can play their preferred content simultaneously on their own devices
    • To get this service, Prime Members have to pay around $149 per year or $14.99 per month

Link your app to the Amazon account

  • The Roku’s Home screen allows users to search for the music app from the streaming channels category from where you can look for your preferred channels
  • On a computer device, open a browser to go to from where you will have to log in to your Amazon account
  • Then check if you can visualize a code on music app; users must remember that the code has a short validity period; generate a new code on the, if the current one does not work
  • The app is refreshed automatically as is the Roku screen to display the newly launched channel
  • Besides a refreshed music library you also get personalized listening recommendations


  • When you open the music app you will see ‘Recents’ where you will find all the media that you played lately on other devices, besides this app
  • If you added the songs to the ‘My Music’ category, then they will be seen under the ‘Recents’ menu
  • Media featuring under ‘Recently Added’ are the ones that you appended into the ‘My Music’ category

Check with our agents for more about the music app on the Roku. Our toll-free number is +1-805-254-0400

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